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International Herald: Why Does the U.S. Keep Harping on the Chinese Hacker Issue?

In an article published in the International Herald, Yuan Peng, a U.S. expert with the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, listed three reasons why the U.S. keeps harping on the “China Hacker Threat”: 1) The U.S. believes that China has the capability of launching cyber attacks. 2) A few news media and commercial companies continue to malign China because they fear that their own trade secrets will be leaked and they also look at China as their enemy. 3) They deliberately dwell on the cyber threat issue in order to pave the way for the expansion of their cyber team and to build a foundation for possible future cyber wars.

As to how China should react, the article had two suggestions: 1) Stop the rumor at the early stage. 2) Strengthen the development of China’s cyber power in order to build a strong defense and management capability.

Source: International Herald, February 22, 2013