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Hu Jintao Cannot Avoid the Issue of Political System Behind the Tainted Milk Scandal

Below are translated comments from Xizhe Wang[1], a well-known dissident from Mainland China, on tainted milk. [2] 

September 20, 2008

The tainted milk scandal has caused a destructive blow to China’s dairy industry and even to the whole of China’s food industry. It has done horrific physical and psychological harm to the health of Chinese children. What is the root cause of the problem then? It is exactly in the unrestrained capitalism practiced today in China.

Question:  Why the capitalism practiced in China today is “unrestrained”? What is the  cause? The answer is the unrestrained government of the unrestrained Chinese Communist Party!

In the past thirty years, China’s capitalism has produced all the past “poison”, all the present “poison” and there is no doubt that it will surely continue to produce future “poison”. The root of the cause lies in the very vicious system that continues to harm the Chinese people and the society. In a word, it is the Chinese Communist Party governing the country without any constraint that has given rise to and developed all the evils of the unrestrained capitalism in China.

China has to develop capitalism. It is only capitalism that can bring out the initiatives of the whole nation to become prosperous and powerful. But capitalism is after all a kind of evil force and therefore must be restrained, for it was established on the basis of selfish and greedy nature of human beings. As it endlessly pursues profit,once it is without or with little control, it would be a very evil thing with “every pore full of blood and dinginess”.

Who can restrain the evil capitalism? The government in power. They should remain an outsider of capitalist operations with the responsibilities of using the power entrusted by the public to guarantee the benefits of capitalism for the people. At the same time, they should do their best to protect the people from the harm that capitalism may bring. But when capitalism seeks power from the governments at all levels, those governments at various levels and  their leaders exchange their power entrusted by the public for operating capital. Then the power entrusted by the public, together with capitalists becomes an organic composition of capitalism to recklessly pursue profit. As a result, both the communist bureaucrats and capitalists have been a personification of capital. Then, this kind of capitalism expands its evils without limit by using its power to guarantee that the evils go unchecked. It always opens green right to evils and stops the dissatisfaction, exposition and revolt from the people. The capitalism of this type is the most vicious in the world, thus it is the most evil capitalism that does not give its people room to breathe.
Then how can we prevent the power of the governments from being hired or capitalized? There must be an independent judiciary system that follows only the constitution and with the power to monitor, inspect and adjudicate, watching the government of all levels. Only when China has this kind of independent judiciary system, can it restrain the Chinese communist government and fundamentally solve the problem of the expansion of a non-restrained evil capitalism.

The door was opened and reform carried out. The capitalism has developed but the powerful independent judiciary system has not been established yet, which has caused a large number of corruption and criminal cases. The problem can be solved as long as China moves toward the direction of a democratic judiciary system step by step, therefore the stability of the country can be maintained accordingly. Many countries and regions have been through such developmental process. But the sad thing here is that the Communist regime does not want to establish such an independent judiciary. In the past, it practiced “centralized socialism”.  But now while it practices free capitalism, it still adheres to centralized power without letting loose any control over anything, not even a little bit of power for its people to inspect and constrain the government.   We all know that a network of checks and balance is beneficial not only to the people but also to the CCP in the long run. Otherwise, the centralized government plus the capitalism could only cause the CCP and the country to be completely corrupted until the country plunges into political catastrophes and tsunamis!

Hu Jintao came out and spoke. He represents the top power of CCP in China. What is his insight? He simply made some cliché remarks and scolded some CCP bureaucrats under him. He said they lacked “the sense of mission” and criticized them as being “insensitive to the safety and well-being of the common people”, so on and so forth. It was as if nothing would go wrong if his bureaucracy had paid attention to “the safety and well-being of the common people”. And there would have been no “disastrous accidents of unsafe production and unsafe food”.  It is simply the issue of carrying out the order and there is nothing wrong with the system.   Hu Jintao has no idea that the bureaucrats, sitting in front of him and dozing off, have already been transformed into capitalists. Their heart has become capitalized. Their “mission” has become the “mission” of capitalist profit. They can only keep the capitalist profit in their heart. They would never put the safety and well-being of the people in their heart.

Perhaps there are still a few “good Party members” left, right? But if they were put in the position of Tian Wenhua, Zheng Xiaoyu, and even Chen Liangyu, then they are driven by the unfettered power to seek capitalism.  They will commit evil deeds as time goes on. This is the “black hole” of capitalism, a power to endlessly seek capital and profit. The centralized power with capitalist system is the evil system that changes “good party members” into evil ones. A man at the royal court of Wu Ze Tian (Woman Emperor of Tang Dynasty) said, “The ghost has come back again!” As long as the evil system that turns men into ghosts exists, what is the point of catching the ghosts and killing them?
Tainted milk scandal has been exposed.  The major turning point would be we understand the problem and find the ultimate solution.  Jintao Hu cannot avoid facing the political system that lies behind the scandal. 

[1]  Xizhe Wang, born on August.13, 1948 in Sichuan, China, male, a well-known dissident from Mainland China.
[2]  Boxun, September 20, 2009