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Slogans for the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Chinese Communist Government

On September 11, 2009, Xinhua News Agency reported that the Office of the Chinese Communist central government and the State Council had recently published Slogans to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of the People’s Republic of China. The slogans are translated below.

1. Enthusiastically celebrate the 60th anniversary for the establishment of the People’s Republic of China!
2. Enthusiastically cheer for the great victory of our country’s reform and opening-up policy and socialist modernization!
3. Tightly unite around the Central Party Committee with general party secretary Comrade Hu Jintao as the center. Millions of people forge ahead with only one mind to compose the new chapter of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!   
4. Lift up high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics; strive for a new victory for comprehensively building an affluent society!
5. Insist on direction and guidance from the Marxism, Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the "The Three Represents" to thoroughly implement and realize the Concept of Scientific Development!
6. Lift up high and be firm on the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics; insist and be firm on walking the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics; insist and be firm on holding the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics! 
7. Forge forward courageously and steadfastly along the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics!
8. Develop a prosperous, powerful, democratic, civilized and harmonious modern socialist country!
9. Continue to emancipate the mind, insist on the reform and opening-up policy, advance scientific development, and promote harmony in society!
10. Emancipate the mind, be honest and realistic, keep pace with the time, and advance the reform and opening-up policy steadfastly!
11. Grasp the strategic opportunity, intensely focus on development, and seek and pursue development wholeheartedly!
12. Insist on humanism and realize, maintain, and develop the fundamental interests of the largest number of the general public as much as possible!
13. Comprehensively advance the socialist economy’s development, political development, cultural development, social development, the ecology and civilization’s development, and the Communist party’s development!
14. Insist on the basic economic system with the public ownership system as the major foundation with the co-existence and development of diverse systems of ownership; insist on the distribution system with distribution according to work as the major foundation and the co-existence of diverse ways of distribution!
15. Realize the fast and superb development of the nation’s economy!
16. Improve the capacity for independent innovation; develop and build an innovative country!
17. Construct a new socialist countryside; form a new pattern for integrated economic and social development across the city and countryside!
18. Walk on the path of civilized development for the development of production, an affluent life, and good ecology; develop an environmentally friendly society with resource conservation!
19. Insist on the basic policy of opening-up; improve the level of the open economy!
20. Insist on the leadership of the Communist Party. The people are master of their own affairs; manage and unit state affairs according to law!
21. Insist on the essential direction and strategy of managing state affairs according to the law; develop a socialist country under the rule of law!
22. Insist on and consummate the National People’s Congress system; guarantee the people are the masters of their own affairs!
23. Insist on and consummate the political consultation system with multi-party cooperation under the leadership of the Communist Party; develop and strengthen the united patriotic front!
24. Insist on and perfect the regional nationality autonomy system; consolidate and develop equal, unified, cooperative and harmonious socialist ethnic relationships!
25. Insist on and consummate the grass-roots autonomous system by the people; strengthen the development of the basic unit of political power!
26. Insist on the direction of the advanced socialist culture; promote the great development and great prosperity of the socialist culture!
27. Build the core socialist core value system; consolidate the common ideological foundation for the Communist Party and the people from all ethnic groups to forge ahead in unity!
28. Vigorously promote the national spirit with patriotism as the core and the spirit of the age with reform and innovation as the core!
29. Develop a socialist harmonious society; promote social justice!
30.  Maintain the general situation of the stable development of reform; realize the long-term order and stability of the country!
31. Strengthen the modernization of the national defense system and the army; realize the unification of an affluent country and strong armed forces in the process of comprehensively developing an affluent society!
32. Promote our army’s excellent tradition of following the direction of the Party, serving the people and brave spirit in battles; cultivate the core value of the modern revolutionary soldiers!
33. Comprehensively promote the great new project of party development with the spirit of reform and innovation!
34. Thoroughly study and implement the concept of scientific development; strengthen the administrative capability of the ruling Party and the advancement of the Party!
35. Firmly implement the policy of “One country, two systems” and maintain the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao!
36. Insist on the principle of “One China” and promote the great undertaking of the peaceful unification of the country!
37. Insist on an independent and peaceful foreign policy; steadfastly walk on the path of peaceful development!
38. Lift up high the banner of peaceful development and cooperation; promote the development of a harmonious world with long-term stability, peace and common prosperity!
39. Unite to forge ahead; invigorate the nation of China!
40. Love the motherland deeply and develop the motherland!
41. Salute the revolutionary older generations and the martyrs who have established meritorious service for the independence, unification, democracy and prosperity of the country!
42. Salute the general workers, farmers, intellectuals, and cadres across the country!
43. Salute the various democratic parties, various mass organizations, and the patriots from all walks of life!
44. Salute the People’s Liberation Army officers, the armed police officers, soldiers and public security police!
45. Salute the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region compatriots, the Macao Special Administrative Region compatriots, the Taiwan compatriots and the overseas compatriots!
46. Salute all of the friends in foreign countries and the people of other countries in the world who care about and support the development of modernization in China!
47. Long live the great Chinese people!
48. Long live the great Chinese Communist Party!
49. Long live the great People’s Republic of China!
50. Long live the solidarity of various ethnic groups across the nation!

[1] People’s Daily, September 12, 2009