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People’s Daily: The United States Is Building a “Hacker Empire”

People’s Daily continues to fight back against the Mandiant report from the U.S. regarding Chinese hackers attacking U.S. companies and other entities. An article titled “The United States Is Building a ‘Hacker Empire’" accused the U.S. of being the top “hacker” in the world. The article listed the following facts as “evidence”: 

“Even the United States’ own Internet security experts also admit that activities of the U.S. ‘Cyber Army’ are not entirely in the military field. Their work may already have ‘infiltrated’ into industrial, commercial, and financial service industries, and other areas in the national economy and the people’s livelihood. The ‘Cyber Army’ is actually developing into a ‘Hacker Empire.’" 
“Based on estimates made by foreign military experts, the U.S. ‘Cyber Army’ has surpassed 100,000 people in scale which is the equivalent of eight 101 air assault divisions.” 
“The United States was the first country to develop the ‘worm’ virus, ‘logic bombs’ and other ‘cyber weapons’ and was the first to use them in combat.” 
“The U.S. military has developed as many as 2,000 types of cyber weapons; it is the world’s number one big country of ‘cyber weapons.’" 
“U.S. companies and the U.S. media jointly hype the ‘China hacker attacks’ and have the intention to attack and suppress Chinese IT companies.” 
In conclusion, the article also argued, “Cyber security rules cannot be set by Americans alone. All the countries in the world are both participants and rule setters.” 
Source: People’s Daily, March 25, 2013