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U.S. Returning to Asia-Pacific Allows China to Have More Reasons to Strengthen Its Military

Xinhua republished a Huanqiu (Global Times) article that a PLA scholar wrote, claiming that adequate military confrontation can be a good thing for China. 

 The article stated that merely mentioning the U.S.’s C-type encirclement of China used to cause people to feel much pressure. Since Chairman Xi’s successful visit to Russia, they have felt relieved. 
 The article said, “Strategic confrontation is nothing to be afraid of. The national strength of the Soviet Union was developed through its confrontation with the United States. If the two countries had not fought with each other in their thinking (ideology) and if it were not for the self-destruction [the Soviet Union’s collapse] in the area of politics, the United States would not be able to do anything economically or militarily [to the Soviet Union]. In China today, as long as the military competition is mutually beneficial and interdependent with the economy, we are not afraid even if the United States enters Asia. The premise is that we must accelerate the development of our military, economic, and technological strength simultaneously. In a certain sense, the United States entering Asia has increased our demand for arms. It has also been favorable to China. It gives us more reasons to strengthen China’s military power and take the path of empowering the nation independently.” 
Source: Xinhua, April 2, 2013