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Chinese Netizens’ Comments on Tension between the Two Koreas

[Editor’s Note: On Thursday May 20, the South Korean government announced that a torpedo attack by North Korea had sunk the warship Cheonan that it had lost in March. While South Korea, Japan, and the United States discuss punitive action, North Korea has threatened "all-out war" if new sanctions are imposed.
As of
May 29, “although the Chinese government’s response to the incident has been ambiguous, and it has not yet taken a clear stand on the incident,” Chinese netizens have vociferously expressed their attitudes on Internet forums. The following are excerpts from the Chinese netizens comments on the website of Huanqiu, a government newspaper.] [1]

2010-05-30 00:46 [Huanqiu Netizen] The time has come. It would be great if the two Koreas would fight against each other. We can teach Japan a lesson. It would be great to eliminate it (Japan). It’s time for revenge.

2010-05-29 23:02 [Huanqiu Netizen] Kill Americans!

2010-05-29 17:58 [Huanqiu Netizen] Beat Americans to death!

2010-05-29 17:55 [Huanqiu Netizen] BS! What business is it of Japan! Kill you (Japan) if you dare to fight!

2010-05-29 17:51 [Huanqiu Netizen] Koreans from both north and south are standard yellow skin and black hair. Aren’t they from the same ancestry as us? Who is fighting whom?

2010-05-29 17:34 [Huanqiu Netizen] Though it is a bad time now to have warfare in our neighborhood, both Koreas are disgusting. If we include them into our territorial map, then all troubles will be gone.

2010-05-29 17:32 [Huanqiu Netizen] May I ask a question? If there will be a war, who wants it the most? Who fears it the most? Who will laugh in the end?

2010-05-29 15:50 [Huanqiu Netizen] The U.S. and South Korea are so shameless. Even if North Korea did fire the torpedo, how could they not have detected it in the military rehearsal?! No wonder North Korea is so confident in striking you. If you cannot even avoid a torpedo, won’t you be beaten anyway?!

2010-05-29 15:02 [Huanqiu Netizen] Go fight. This world needs a war. China needs a baptism by blood.

2010-05-29 13:33 [Huanqiu Netizen] If things can be solved by meetings, why do we need an army?

2010-05-29 12:34 [Huanqiu Netizen] Isn’t it easy to fake evidence? A Chinese farmer could even fake a fossil of a so called “bird dinosaur” that fooled scientists all over the world!

2010-05-29 11:59 [Huanqiu Netizen] South Korea is merely a chess piece in one’s hand. There is nothing to fear. Without American’s help, South Korea is not up to North Korea.

2010-05-29 11:42 [Huanqiu Netizen] The Ryukyu Islands, including Okinawa, need to shake off Japan’s colonial slavery and return to China. Japan has a guilty conscience. To divert public attention from returning the Ryukyu Islands to China, Japan will plot chaos.

2010-05-29 11:36 [Huanqiu Netizen] The Ryukyu Islands belong to China not Japan. Wen Yiduo used to say it in the Song of Seven Men: “The Ryukyu Islands are my brothers. I am Taiwan.” [2] The Ryukyu Islands are territories that Japan stole from China. According to the Cairo Declaration, they need to be returned to China.

2010-05-29 10:44 [Huanqiu Netizen] If North Korea has sunk (the ship), what’s the use of America having a military base in Korea? Is South Korea’s military reconnaissance capability worse than North Korea’s???? We are duped by Americans. They try to compel China to fight, and compel the Koreas to fight. South Korea just wants to be the slave dog of America.

2010-05-29 10:42 [Huanqiu Netizen] America is the seed of evil. In one word, without America, the world would be at peace. America messes up the whole world and leaves it with no peace. America sets the rules for the United Nations.

2010-05-29 10:11 [Huanqiu Netizen] Basic military knowledge would tell you that it is impossible for a ship like the Cheonan, equipped with anti-submarine capabilities, to be totally unaware of an impending torpedo attack. Obviously, South Korea wants to frame North Korea.

2010-05-29 09:52 [Huanqiu Netizen] This must be a plot! If North Korea did it, does it do itself any good? If North Korea really did it, why would South Korea refuse to allow the North Korean investigators to join the investigation?

2010-05-29 08:58 [Huanqiu Netizen] Resolutely oppose the use of nuclear weapons! If Japan wants to join the war, let it disappear from the world. Haha! Let’s take revenge for both old and new debts!

2010-05-29 08:38 [Huanqiu Netizen] Support North Korean friends! Americans better be quiet.

2010-05-29 08:34 [Huanqiu Netizen] I feel that we Chinese should really achieve unification with this incident.

2010-05-29 07:36 [Huanqiu Netizen] Borrow North Korea’s hand to get rid of Japan.

[1] Huanqiu website,
[2] Wen Yiduo was a pro-communist Chinese poet (1899-1946).