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Hu Jintao on Socialist Cultural Prosperity

[Editor’s Note: The Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo held the 22nd group study on the morning of July 23, 2010, on the issue of deepening the culture system’s reform. At the session, General Secretary Hu Jintao emphasized “deepening the culture system’s reform and promoting the culture industry’s comprehensive prosperity and fast development matters in order to realize the comprehensive development of an affluent society, matters relating to the overall layout of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and matters for the renaissance of the nation of China.” The following are excerpts from Hu Jintao’s speech at the session.] [1]

Hu Jintao pointed out that culture has to do with national cohesion and is the important fountainhead of creativity. Culture is an important factor in the competition of comprehensive national power and an important pillar for socioeconomic development. It is an important decision from the Party’s Central Committee to deepen culture system reform for the sake of the country’s socioeconomics. Ever since the adoption of the “reform and opening up” policy, the country’s cultural development has accelerated. The cultural prosperity has entered into a new phrase of socialist culture development with Chinese characteristics. Based on the current international and domestic situation, culture development faces many advantageous conditions and serious challenges as well. It has become the inevitable requirement for the realization of scientific development to deepen culture system reform, and promote the coordinated development of culture, the economy, politics, and social affairs.

Hu stressed that the advancement of culture system reform must thoroughly follow the  guidance of Deng Xiaoping’s Theory and “The Three Represents,” implement and realize the Concept of Scientific Development, adhere to the direction of socialist advanced culture, adhere to the coordinated development of establishing culture and the culture industry, follow the characteristic and the law of socialist ideological and ethical progress, and adapt to the requirements of the socialist market economy.

Hu pointed out the tasks that are important currently and in the near future. First, speed up the innovation of the culture system mechanism of reform; construct a unified, open, competitive, and orderly modern culture market system; and speed up reform of the culture management system. Second, speed up the development of a public culture service system. Third, solidly speed up the development of the culture industry, solidly implement the Culture Industry Reinvigoration Plan, carefully carry out the strategy of major culture projects, advance the reform of the culture industry, cultivate a new cultural environment, and enhance the professional level. Carefully build the brand name of Chinese culture products, enhance the international competitiveness of China’s culture industry, and promote Chinese culture to the world. Fourth, strengthen the guidance of the culture products creation and production. Guide the general culture workers and the culture units to proactively fulfill the socialist value system, adhere to the direction of socialist advanced culture, and firmly resist the vulgar, filthy, and curry-favor style.

Hu emphasized that all levels of Party committees and the government must elevate culture system reform and culture development to a key position in overall work, integrate it into the overall socioeconomic development plan, establish and improve the leadership system and working mechanism, and firmly control the leadership of culture development. They must deepen the study of people’s new requirement and expectation for culture development, and study the characteristic and the law of culture development. They must strengthen the development of the culture leadership team and the training of talent in the culture industry, so as to provide an organizational guarantee and talent support for advancing culture system reform and culture development. They must fully motivate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of culture workers so as to assure that the culture system reform and culture development advance solidly and effectively.

[1] People’s Daily, July 24, 2010