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Chinese Experts: Obama’s Second Term China Policy Will Reinforce both Contact and Precaution

On April 15, 2013, following U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to China, the Shanghai Institute for International Studies held a forum. Experts and scholars from the institute discussed the Obama administration’s China policy for his second term. 

Experts believe that, in his second term, the Obama administration will continue the main approach from his first term, that is, "contact plus precaution." However, the degree of engagement will be deeper and precautionary actions will also be greater. Washington believes that only by opening up overseas markets and reviving its domestic manufacturing industry will the United States be able to restore its economic strength and fortify its No. 1 position in the world. Therefore, the Obama administration will continue to strengthen economic and trade ties with China to boost its economic power. Meanwhile, the U.S. always believes that in order to ‘integrate’ China into the U.S.-led international system, it must maintain its contact with and influence in China. 
At the same time, Obama’s second term will also increase its precautions against China. This is mainly reflected in how, in many security issues, the United States joins forces with its allies in the Asia-Pacific region against China. This trend may continue over the next two years. Although the U.S.-Japan and the U.S.-Philippine joint security alliances are the products of the Cold War and are not effective in regional security issues, the United States still considers it the "best" choice to guard against China. 
As for North Korea, the Obama administration will continue the policy from his first term: North Korea is not a direct threat to U.S. national security; the North Korea problem is not a priority for United States’ diplomacy. The main goal  of the White House is to prevent the situation in the peninsula from getting out of control. 
For the development of Sino-U.S. relations in the next four years, experts believe that it is going to be a "more cooperative and more competitive" situation. 
Source: Jiefang Daily, also People’s Daily, April 16, 2013