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China Youth Daily: U.S. Military Jumps Ahead to Develop Cyber War Rules

People’s Daily republished an article reporting on the United States’ recent developments in cyber war preparation. The article said, “Cyberspace has become an entirely new battlefield. In this new battlefield, the U.S. military was the first to wake up and the first to take action. Therefore it has benefited the most.” “It is the same as in physical space, the U.S. military has adopted a series of measures to maintain its leading edge in cyber warfare capabilities. This year, the U.S. Cyber Space Command substantially expanded its capacities, announced that it established 40 global cyber warfare combat forces, secretly implemented cyber warfare rules, and launched the "Tallinn Handbook" via NATO with the intention of using it as the International Code of cyber warfare. The U.S. military markedly speeded up the pace of cyberspace internationalization.” 

The article pointed out that “the U.S. has made it clear that China is the ‘biggest rival’ in cyberspace; it has repeatedly accused China of launching ‘cyber attacks’ and it has been disseminating the Chinese ‘cyber threats’ theory. Following the U.S. report on China’s ‘military-related hacking incidents’ earlier this year, its allies have set up or expanded its Cyber Army, in one measure after another, with the goal being to prevent Chinese ‘cyber attacks.’ 
"Under the auspices of the United States, the ‘China threat theory’ in cyberspace has entered a new stage, going from media attacks to joint counterbalancing. The United States, taking China as its ‘biggest imaginary enemy’ in cyberspace, has achieved its strategic intent of jointly counterbalancing [China] on a global scale."  

Source: China Youth Daily and People’s Daily, May 24, 2013