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610 Office Issues Directive on the Intensive Transformation Campaign against Falun Gong

[Editor’s Note: On April 6, 2013, Lens Magazine published an article detailing the torture implements used on prisoners at Masanjia Labor Camp. The Communist Party took down the website, but not before thousands of people saw it and became irate over the authorities’ actions. Since then, Chinascope has been researching and publishing information about the goings on at Masanjia since the time of the inception of the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999. The following is a directive from the Central Leadership of the Party on how to “transform” those with strong beliefs in Falun Gong, that is the “diehards.” It specifically suggests that "the national labor camp system must follow the guidance of the Ministry of Justice to vehemently promote the experience of Masanjia Labor Camp in Liaoning Province.”]

September 22, 2000

Under Comrade Jiang Zemin’s correct leadership of the Party Central Committee, the related departments around the country have carefully implemented the central office’s policy of educating and transforming the vast majority of “Falun Gong” practitioners, while isolating and attacking a handful of their backbone and diehards. Our fight against “Falun Gong” has achieved a decisive victory. … The vast majority of “Falun Gong” practitioners have been converted. Still, a small percentage of “Falun Gong” practitioners have not yet been converted. Although it is a small percentage, their energy cannot be underestimated. We cannot underestimate their impact on the stability of society, but, at the same time, many of them can still be transformed through meticulous and continuous efforts. … According to instructions from the central Party leaders, all the related departments in each region should seize the favorable opportunity to organize an intensive transformation campaign to convert those “Falun Gong” followers who have not yet been transformed. This is our strategic plan in the serious political struggle against “Falun Gong.” It is the fundamental strategy to completely solve the problem of “Falun Gong” and also to fortify the fundamental belief of all Party members.

I. The Guiding Principle and Objectives in Carrying Out the Intensive Transformation Campaign

In the current ideological and political work, transforming “Falun Gong” practitioners is an important task. In carrying out the intensive transformation campaign, it is imperative not to loosen up the preventive measures and the monitoring work, and, at the same time, to shift the emphasis to the transformation work in dealing with the “Falun Gong” issue. [We should] implement: The Party Committee takes the initiative, Party leaders should take command, mobilize the whole society to participate and focus their time and efforts on first solving the problems of key areas, key units, and key persons. We will strive to achieve a transformation rate of 60 percent by the end of March 2001. For those not yet transformed Falun Gong practitioners, we will strive to achieve a higher transformation rate in those areas that have had a good transformation experience.

The main criteria to determine whether “Falun Gong” practitioners have been converted are: They criticize and attack “Falun Gong” in public, no longer participate in “Falun Gong” activities, and no longer practice the “Falun Gong” exercises. Meanwhile we should also make an effort to have them expose and criticize the nature and the hazards of practicing “Falun Gong”; get rid of all Falun Gong books, materials, and other stuff related to the practice; take the initiative to expose “Falun Gong” organizers who act behind-the-scenes; and actively help to transform other “Falun Gong” members.

Our overall requirement is to achieve significant progress in the transformation work by the end of this year and strive to transform most of the not yet converted practitioners to meet the criteria of transformation before the end of March 2001.

II. Strengthen the Organizational Leadership; Solidify the Transformation Team

A. In accordance with the requirements of the central [government] leaders, the central “610 Office” has set up a transformation working group to be in charge of the coordination and guidance in the transformation campaign. Each province (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government), the Work Committee for offices directly under the central government, the Work Committee of the Central Government Departments, the Central Government Financial Work Committee, and the Central Government Enterprise Work Commission must all set up a transformation working group under the lead of the officials responsible for the handling of “Falun Gong” issues; they must specifically work on study, guidance, coordination, supervision, and inspection. Each individual on the working team should have a clear task and must guide and help the grass-roots units’ work face-to-face (on site).

B. All provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the
Central Government) and the four central working committees should develop specific operational strategies in an intensive transformation campaign according to each region and system’s specific situation.

C. A specialized transformation working group should be created. The working group should be composed of cadres with experienced ideological and political work, public security and judicial police officers, relevant experts and scholars, and typical examples who have been thoroughly transformed. Let them melt into the pot of transformation of education, train them first, then they can start to work. After the team is established, the team members should go through training before starting to work.

D. A responsibility system should be implemented. Leaders at all levels should take personal responsibility, each level being responsible for the level below. The actual effect of transformation will be used to assess the leaders’ performance. Recognize and reward the outstanding ones. Criticize those who do not pay sufficient attention and do not use effective measures. To the regions and working units with serious problems, the relevant leader will take the responsibilities and suffer the consequences.

III. Study and Improve the Method

A. All related departments in each area must, based on the situation of “Falun Gong” practitioners who backslid and started practicing again in June and July [of 2000], further figure out the key person among them and put them back in the labor camp. We must register and analyze them one-by-one and transform them based on each person’s situation (that is, do whatever is needed to transform them). First, eliminate “Falun Gong” member’s mentality of confrontation so that they are willing to accept transformation. Second, inspire them to follow the national laws and regulations by themselves. Third, help them establish a correct outlook on life, the world, and values; eventually help them get out of “Falun Gong.” Fourth, help them to understand the danger of practicing “Falun Gong” and to criticize “Falun Gong.”

B. Adopt individual assistance and transformation, centralized transformation classes, tour assistance facilities, and other methods. Individual assistance and transformation can be a widely used method in all areas. Make sure to implement being responsible to units and to a specific person. At the same time, utilize the comprehensive role of social and family assistance in the transformation process.

C. Beijing, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Anhui, Shandong, Hunan, Guangdong, Chongqing, Sichuan, and the other eleven key provinces (municipalities) must deploy capable leaders to set up a working group to guide and monitor the key areas and key units in accordance with the requirements of the central government leaders. Make sure not to leave dead corners unattended.

IV. Fully Utilize the Labor Camp System in this Intensive Transformation Campaign

Transformation through the labor camps is a special means of education in line with China’s national situation. It has been verified through practice that labor camps are an effective means to convert ‘Falun Gong” practitioners. In accordance with the relevant regulations, we should continue to fully utilize the labor camp system. Resolutely put the repeated trouble-makers into labor camps. The national labor camp system must follow the guidance of the Ministry of Justice to vehemently promote the experience of Masanjia Labor Camp in Liaoning Province. Work creatively based on the specific situations in each area and strive to achieve greater results by the end of this year.

Party committees and governments at all levels should continue to care and support the work of labor camps. If there are difficulties with site facilities, staffing, police benefits and funding, treat it as special case and solve it as soon as possible.

V. Pay Special Attention to and Strengthen the Transformation of “Falun Gong” Practitioners Who Are Intellectuals

Intellectuals account for a high percentage of the not yet converted “Falun Gong” followers. They have a significant impact on regular “Falun Gong” practitioners. It is recommended that the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and its subordinate units with more intellectuals develop working objectives, assign capable leaders and increase the work load.

VI. Continue the Efforts of Propaganda Work and the Struggle on the Internet; Create a Media Atmosphere that Favors Transformation

It is an important part of the intensive transformation campaign to use mass media for propaganda work. The Publicity Department should get fully staffed and strengthen guidance and coordination.

Steadfastly eliminate and suppress the adverse impact of the “Falun Gong” websites. Suggest that The International Communication Office of the Central Committee lead the effort to develop an overall strategy, propose a specific requirement, be responsible for directing, organizing, and implementing activities; the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Information Industry, and other relevant departments should take the initiative to cooperate and coordinate. Maximize the use of the Internet to divide and destroy the “Falun Gong” organization. All levels of the Office of the Leadership Team to Handle the Falun Gong Issue must provide coordination and services, and coordinate and provide materials to use on the Internet. Strive to organize the already transformed “Falun Gong” practitioners to expose and criticize “Falun Gong” on the Internet.

VII. Continue to Crack Down on “Falun Gong” Activities

Cracking down and transforming are complementary measures to each other. Strike hard on the diehard “Falun Gong” members. If left uncontrolled, it will leave a breathing space for “Falun Gong.” Moreover, it is not good for the consolidation of the transformation results that we have achieved.

The public security and the affiliated departments in each area must follow the command of the unified organization of the Ministry of Public Security and take the recent rebound as major national cases. Taking the new situation of recent mailing and spreading of “Falun Gong” promotional materials together, organize a special force and work in a cooperative manner, focus efforts on uncovering a series of major cases. Political and legal departments should closely cooperate to intensify case investigation. As for the key and diehard “Falun Gong” members, we must punish them severely, never tolerate, and never forgive.

For the problems and difficulties encountered during the implementation of the campaign, report them in a timely manner to the central “610 Office.” After completing the period of the intensive transformation campaign, summarize the job and compose a summary report for the central “610 Office” in a timely manner.

Source: Chinascope