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China Military Think Tank: U.S. Accelerating Asia “Re-Balancing” Is Targeting China

In the report, "Strategic Assessment 2012," published on May 28, 2013, in Beijing, China’s military think tank, the Research Center for Military Defense Policy at the Academy of Military Science (AMS), pointed out that, in accelerating its Asia-Pacific "rebalancing" strategy, the United States has a clear intention of targeting China. This has added a lot of variables to China-U.S. relations, but the possibility of a complete confrontation between the two countries remains modest. 

The annual report "Strategic Assessment 2012" is the second book the Center has published on the strategic assessment. In last year’s "Strategic Assessment 2011,"the report indicated that, in this new round of post-Cold War major strategic adjustments, the U.S.’s core goal was to ensure its ‘global leadership’ and its main task was to revive the economy, focus on the Asia-Pacific region and cope with the rise of emerging powers. It was clearly targeting China." 
Based on this assessment, this year’s report said the U.S.’s strategic adjustment of focusing on promoting the Asia-Pacific "rebalancing" gives the impression, not only to China but also to its neighboring countries, that it is “targeting China” and “containing China.” This has resulted in China’s peripheral security environment becoming increasingly complex. The mutual suspicion between China and U.S. only exacerbates the issue. The possibility of third-countries causing tensions has also increased. The prospect of maintaining the overall stability of Sino-U.S. relations now faces new uncertainties. 
Source: People’s Daily, May 28, 2013