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China: U.S. Remarks about Snowden Leaving Hong Kong Are Unacceptable to China

At a briefing given by China’s Foreign Ministry on June 25, 2013, government spokesperson Hua Chunying said that the accusation that the United States made about China allowing Edward Snowden to depart from Hong Kong is groundless and not acceptable to China.
“The Hong Kong Special Administration Region (SAR) Government has handled this case entirely in accordance with applicable law, which is beyond reproach, and should be respected by all parties. For the United States to question whether the Hong Kong SAR Government is acting in accordance with the law does not make sense. The U.S. accusation about China’s central government is groundless and is unacceptable to China."

Hua stated, “Even today, the U.S. still makes these remarks, which really puzzles people. I’d like to advise these people to look at themselves in a mirror, reflect, and take care of their own situation first.” When asked about reports that the U.S. is investigating whether Snowden is a spy for China, Hua said, "[T]his is nonsense and extremely irresponsible."

Source: Xinhua, June 25, 2013