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Xinhua Special Interview: U.S. Didn’t Just Harm China a Little Bit

On June 26, Xinhua conducted a special interview with military expert Wang Changqin, a Professor at the PLA Academy of Military Sciences. Xinhua used the Snowden incident to continue its anti-American propaganda. In the more than one hour interview, Wang harshly attacked the U.S. while commenting on the “Prismgate" incident. 

Wang said, “The United States has a lot of different faces. In the network area, they include the so-called ‘safety victims,’ ‘moral persons’ and ‘freedom defenders,’ but, after all, these are ‘disguises.’ We the people have a saying, however: no matter how well you disguise yourself, there will always be a time when your ‘true face will be exposed.’ ‘Prismgate’ let the United States expose its ‘true face.’” 
"Now we have evidence. Everyone clearly understands now: it is not others that ‘harm’ the U.S.; it is the U.S. that harms others, especially China." “Not long ago, they were still shouting: PLA hackers attacked us. … Even the ‘big boss’ Obama also claimed that this was ‘stealing American property.’ Now we understand: the purpose of their screamingly and shouting was to conceal their act of ‘theft’!” 
“From the revelations of Snowdon, the United States didn’t just harm China a little bit [it harms China a lot instead].”
“This kind of hegemony, which is an apparent violation of human fairness, justice, and conscience has met opposition from most of the countries and people in the world, including some Americans. … Therefore, as the saying goes: He who is unjust is doomed to destruction. If the United States does not learn its lesson and stop its hegemonic acts, it will eventually ‘shoot itself in the foot,’ fall in the no-return path of ‘imperialism’ and will never be able to get up.” 
Source: Xinhua, June 26, 2013