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Luo Yuan: We Must Be Vigilant about the U.S.’s “Anti-Access and Area Denial” against China and Iran

On July 19, 2013, the Chinese Strategic Culture Foundation officially released its "2012 Japan’s Military Assessment Report" and the "2012 U.S. Military Assessment Report." On this subject, the People’s Blog [from People’s Daily] interviewed Luo Yuan, the Executive Vice President and Secretary General of the China Strategic Culture Association, and also the Major General of the China Society of Military Science. Luo expressed the belief that the United States has advanced its combat theory with some new features; Luo also conducted an extensive analysis of the concept of "anti-access and local denial." 

In 2012, the United States kept developing the concept of "Air Sea Battle" and came out with such concepts as the "Joint Operational Access Concept," "Gaining & Maintaining Access," "The Capstone Concept for Joint Operations: the Joint Forces of 2020," "Globally Integrated Operations," as well as other new concepts. 
Luo said that the U.S. has very specific targets in proposing these new concepts, namely, aiming at China and Iran. The United States named China and Iran in its defense strategy guide. "Therefore, we must remain vigilant." 

Meanwhile, Luo also pointed out that, from an academic point of view, "The U.S. military theories are worthwhile tools to use for learning. While exposing the American conspiracy of hegemony, China should really strengthen its self-development so that our country truly possesses anti-access and area-denial capabilities." 

Source: People’s Daily, July 19, 2013