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People’s Daily: The West Makes Rules and Tries to Force China to Follow Them

“At the recent fifth round of China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said that, with China’s economic development, China needs to assume more international responsibility.” A People’s Daily [overseas edition] article warned that, “When faced with international media who, one after another, tout the ‘China responsibility theory,’ China should respond by avoiding the interference from this outside noise.” 

The article said, “Because of differences in values and social system, Western society has long viewed China with a bias, from the ‘China collapse theory’ to the ‘China threat theory’ to the current ‘China responsibility’ theory. All these are to deny and obstruct China’s economic development. They not only deny China’s positive role in promoting world economic recovery; they even blame China for the tight global supply of resources. This is actually a replica of the ‘China economic threat theory.’" 
According to Bai Ming, Deputy Director of the Department of International Market Research at International Trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of the Commerce Ministry, "The main purpose for Western countries to repeat the ‘China responsibility theory’ is to divert international attention." “At the same time, it is to impose more pressure on China. It is a common means Western countries use to oppress China.” 

Sun Zhe, Director of the Sino-U.S. Relations Research Center at Tsinghua University said, "The United States wants China to take more responsibility. The intention is to [make China] use ‘fair’ competition with them in accordance with the rules set by the United States and other Western countries." "China cannot afford to and will not take action that is inconsistent with the rights and obligations of China’s [actual] responsibility." 

Source: People’s Daily (overseas edition), republished by Xinhua, July 20, 2013