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Qiushi: Internet Should Not Be a New Tool for U.S. Hegemony

Qiushi Journal, a bi-weekly magazine published by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, recently published an article commenting on “Prism Gate.” The article focused on how the United States has been maintaining a “double standard” on the matter of Internet monitoring. The author accused the United States of lecturing other countries on privacy and human rights issues while violating all these principles itself. The article quoted comments from various U.S. allies such as Britain, Germany, and France, as well as other countries like Brazil. These comments all used words like “shocking” and “unacceptable” to describe the reactions from these countries. The article suggested that the Prism project is only the tip of the iceberg. The U.S. government has at least three more projects of this kind to cover areas such as phone communications. The author also expressed the belief that the U.S. has the same mentality in the global financial market and in industrial internationalization, as well as in technology standards. The article concluded by calling for “fair international internet rules,” “respecting a country’s Internet sovereignty,” and the U.S. giving up technical control over the Internet.
Source: Qiushi Journal, August 1, 2013