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What Topics at the Two Annual Conferences Concern the Chinese People the Most?

Just before the “Two Conferences” (the Chinese National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), Xinhua News Agency and Economic Information Daily conducted a joint survey on the most concerned issues among Chinese people. The poll started on February 7, 2005; and ended on March 5, 2005. 218,754 people cast their votes. Each participant could select 8 to 10 items from the questions listed below. The vast majority of people (75%) would like the government to save the stock market, as China has had a prolonged bear market since 2001.

1. How to get the stock market out of hot water.
75%, 165,987 votes

2. Combating corruption and promoting an honest government.
22%, 49,349 votes

3. Establishing a system to prevent infectious diseases and other public health crises.
20%, 43,956 votes

4. Arbitrary collection of education fees and an unfair city public school application process.
18%, 40,709 votes

5. “Agricultural, Rural and Farmers” issues, especially the need to raise farmers’ income.
18%, 40,486 votes

6. The widening wealth gap and unjust income distribution.
15%, 33,630 votes

7. Employment, re-hiring and social security issues.
11%, 25,308 votes

8. How to eliminate the unfair regulations created by industry monopolies and how to eliminate monopolies.
11%, 24,342 votes

9. Formulating the anti-secession law and promoting reunification of the motherland.
11%, 25,448 votes

10. Social order and public security.
10%, 22,135 votes

11. Preventing the loss of state assets that occur during state-owned enterprise privatization and reform.
9%, 20,472 votes

12. Environmental protection.
7%, 16,634 votes

13. Preventing counterfeit goods, especially products involving food safety and inspection.
7%, 15,500 votes

14. How to construct a harmonious society based on scientific development and humanistic principles.
6%, 14,686 votes

15. What will the market trends be in 2005? How will housing and vehicle costs change?
5%, 11,393 votes

16. How to standardize countryside relocations and compensate peasants for their farmland loss.
4%, 10,199 votes

17. Educating Party members on how to be good leaders; enhancing the Party’s ruling ability.
4%, 10,027 votes

18. How to prevent and reduce workplace accidents.
4%, 10,228 votes

19. Alleviating coal, electricity, and oil shortages and easing transportation problems.
3%, 7,617 votes

20. Strengthening macroeconomic regulations, analyzing and controlling the current rate of economic development.
1%, 4,063 votes