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Qiushi Criticizes the U.S. Human Rights Values: American Values Cause Corruption in China

On August, 7,  2013, Qiushi, a journal of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, published an article titled, “An Interpretation of United States Human Rights Concepts and Practices.” The article asserted, “In its social practices, absolute human rights in the United States do not exist.” For example, protesters are requested to submit an application for a permit to demonstrate; all employees of the federal government must take an oath of loyalty to the government. Besides, the fact that 40 million poor people in the U.S. do not have the right of free expression demonstrates that “the American human rights practices do not represent any universal values.” However, the United States takes advantage of human rights issues to attack socialist countries, especially China, and many developing countries in order to obtain political, economic, and security interests.

According to the article, “The major cause of the rampant corruption in China is the invasion of American style self-centered values. American values have successfully invaded Chinese Communist Party members’ ideological and spiritual system, broken down their faith (in Communism) and thus induced their corrupt deeds.” The article concludes that China must strongly fight back against the human rights evolution conducted by the Unites States by “educating” the Chinese people with Communist and Socialist ideals and values and tightening control over the media and the Internet, as well as literary and art works.

Source: Qiushi, August 7, 2013