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China Youth Daily: McCain Had Ulterior Motives in Remarks on the Diaoyu Islands

U.S. Republican Senator John McCain said at the press conference after his talks with Japanese Foreign Minister shore Tian Wenxiong on August 21, “The Diaoyu Islands are Japanese territory, which is the U.S. Congress and the U.S. government’s position and will be communicated to the Chinese.” Regarding China’s official boat that entered into the waters around the Diaoyu Islands several times, he said, “China violated Japan’s sovereignty.” 

In response to McCain’s statement, China Youth Daily published a commentary article. The article quoted Su Hao, Director at the Center for Strategic and Conflict Management of the Foreign Affairs College, to express its point. 
Su Hao said, "This should not be [considered] a slip of the tongue. It is McCain’s real personal view.” In my personal opinion, I believe that McCain’s remarks were stated after careful consideration and point to specific issues. Moreover, it not only represents his personal view, but also represents the view of the U.S. conservative forces and conservative political groups like him. To some extent, it represents a potential U.S. policy option." 

Su Hao also pointed out that McCain’s talk indeed also released some information, and revealed U.S.’s potential considerations. Moreover, the timing of McCain’s speech also has a profound meaning. 

Su Hao said, "While McCain is not an official government official, this is the first time that a major U.S. political figure has made such a clear and biased statement on the Diaoyu Islands issue. This is a very serious event. We must pay serious attention. To some U.S. politicians’ [who express] such erroneous views, [we] must give immediate criticism and rebuttals." 

Source: China Youth Daily, and republished by people’s Daily, August 23, 2013