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Dangerous Milk Formula Sold in New York

Fake baby formula from China found in New York Chinatown.

According to a report from The Epoch Times, dangerous baby milk formula that caused babies heads to swell due to malnutrition was found in a local Chinatown supermarket in New York City. The Agriculture Department of New York City put an immediate ban on powdered milk imports from Xinjiang province, China, and is investigating whether all sales of powdered milk products should be restricted in the United States.

New York agriculture officials found that seven brands of powdered milk produced by Xinjiang Ili dairy company lacked the necessary requirements of protein, milk fat, calcium and magnesium set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The Chinese government food inspection agency also considers the powdered milk products by Xinjiang Ili to be inadequate. The supermarket manager where the milk was found said that the products were purchased recently from a U.S. distributor and were not imported directly from China.

The New York Agriculture Department ordered all supermarkets in Chinatown to stop selling powdered milk products imported from China and is investigating the distribution company selling Xinjiang products. All powdered milk products have been removed from all supermarkets in Chinatown.

People were in an uproar last April when inferior powdered milk found in Fayang and Anhui provinces caused babies’ heads to swell while the growth of their lower body was stunted. More than 189 babies suffered from malnutrition that left at least 12 dead. Another incident in Guizhou province caused 150 children to become seriously ill from drinking staphylococcus-laced powdered milk.

Many blame the government’s lack of immediate action for the rash of contaminated food products on the market in China. Even after a product was found to cause serious illness and even death officials were reluctant to take action.