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Xinhua Questions Obama for the Use of Force against Syria

A Xinhua article questioned five issues related to the “Obama War” against Syria. 

“First, how can the United States confirm that the Syrian government forces used chemical weapons (CW)? There are, at present, very divergent views on who on earth used the chemical weapons. U.S. Secretary of State Kerry announced with ‘conviction’ that Bashar was behind the scenes and instigated the CW attack. However Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov said that the United States neither had geographic coordinates and names, nor sufficient evidence from extracted samples. The U.N. Secretary-General Office of the Spokesman also said that the United Nations investigation team is the only organization that has the ability to carry out an investigation impartially and credibly. A U.S. news website said that the Syrian opposition has admitted that the ‘chemical weapons incident’ was caused by their own mishandling while processing chemical weapons. With so many different conclusions, what evidence does U.S. have to demonstrate that its own conclusion is the most credible? 
“Second, who gave the U.S. the right to place a ‘red line’ on Syria? 

“Third, did the United States violate international law in order to wage war against Syria? … In the absence of a U.N. Security Council authorization, is the U.S. military action against Syria also a violation of international law and should it be punished also? 
“Fourth, is the U.S. military action against Syria really to protect civilians? 

“Finally, why does the U.S. insist on using force while ignoring the opposition from all sides? 
“In a word, the United States, with its ‘warm heart,’ insisting on the use of force against Syria is by no means to protect civilians or to defend the dignity of international law. It has very vicious ulterior motives. Obama wants to use force to change the situation in Syria, to install a pro-American regime, and to pave the way to ultimately solve the Iranian nuclear issue.” 

Source: Xinhua, September 4, 2013