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China’s State-Media Reports on the Shooting Incident at the U.S. Navy Yard

Below is a media report from Wenhui Bao commenting on the recent shooting at the U.S. naval yard. 

“The U.S. Navy can be called the world’s most powerful army. Attacking Iraq, intervening in Libya, killing Bin Laden, the U.S. Navy is always the vanguard; so much so that, whenever there is a military conflict going on, the U.S. President’s first reaction is ‘where are our aircraft carriers?’ 
“However, with such a strong army, its headquarters looked ‘defenseless" and was ‘broken through’ by what seems now to be three individuals. People cannot help but ask, "What is it that caused the U.S. army’s ‘Achilles’ heel?’" 
“After the Cold War, the United States suddenly ‘lost’ its opponent, thus turning to look for ‘trouble’ all over the world. The former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya have all become the victims of the U.S.’s foreign military operations, but what benefit did the United States get? In fact, the U.S. domestic environment has become increasingly insecure. The Boston bombing this past April, the shooting at Fort Hood in 2009, and the heart breaking ‘9/11’ incident, all gave warnings to the Americans that ‘suppressing violence with violence’ will not yield security.
“However, the United States was unable to learn its lessons. Just this month, President Obama still claiming he would militarily strike Syria, only had to give up for the time being due to domestic opposition, allies’ ‘betrayal’ and pressure from his old rival Russia. 
“From yesterday’s failed attempt to use force to strike Syria to today’s shooting at the Naval Sea Systems Command, will these incidents make America’s rulers more clear minded?” 
Source: Wenhui Bao and Xinhua, September 18, 2013