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Methods Used in the CCP’s Campaign of Maintaining Advanced Nature

A review of methods employed by the CCP in the ongoing campaign.

Indoctrinate the Party Line

The CCP has ordered its local organizations to form leader groups, allocate special budgets, and distribute campaign publications. The book Supplemental Materials for the Education of Maintaining the Advanced Nature of the Communist Party (shown on the right) is the primary campaign publication. It is priced at 400 yuan (about US$50). The book was written by the professors in the CCP Central Party School, and published by the National Administrative College Audio and Video Publisher. The following is its Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. The significance, background information, basic principles and high profile actions that are being taken to launch the "Maintaining the Advanced Nature of the Party" campaign, and the justification for this new round of indoctrination.

Chapter 2. How "Maintaining the Advanced Nature of the Party" must adopt the practice of the"Three Represents" as its core contents.

Chapter 3. "Maintaining the Advanced Nature of the Party" must include thorough study of the Party Charter and enhance the notions of the Party.

Chapter 4. "Maintaining the Advanced Nature of the Party" must solidify the ideal belief of Communism.

Chapter 5. "Maintaining the Advanced Nature of the Party" must stick to the mission of the Party and expand the traditions.

Retake the Party Oath, Wear the Party Pin

During this campaign, the CCP requires all its members to take the CCP oath again and wear the CCP pin. In the CCP oath, a member must pledge full loyalty and promise to sacrifice one’s own interesteven life to the Communist Party.

Organize Party Classes

At each local level, leaders and Party members are organized to take "Party classes" and to listen to Party theorists lecturing on the Party lines. Such study sessions span three months or more.
Take Red-Tour

In December 2004, the"Summary of Development Plans for the 2004 to 2010 National Red Tour" was jointly released by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Propaganda, the National Tourism Bureau, and other agencies. This plan was in time for the campaign to "Maintain the Advanced Nature of the Communist Party." Many tour activities are arranged for young people to visit the CCP "holy places" and to learn the glorified history of the CCP.

Strengthen Propaganda

The CCP has coordinated a propaganda campaign in China to go together with the Party’s campaign. Propaganda posters, art performances, and picture exhibitions of CCP history are widely used in this campaign.

Searching the Chinese word for "Party" and "Advancement" in the biggest online search engine in China,, reveals a surge of the publications of the topic in March 2005. The chart below shows the number of articles found in each month from July 2004 to July 2005.

Christene Chen is a correspondent for Chinascope.