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People’s Daily: So Many U.S. “Osprey” Come to the Asia-Pacific. What Prey Do their Claws Seek?

People’s Daily published a report about the U.S. deployment of the "Osprey" at a military base in Japan. Below is an excerpt from the report:

On September 25, 2013, the last of the second batch of United States Marine Corps’ 12 newly deployed "Ospreys" arrived at Futenma Airfield. This brings the total number of "Ospreys" that have settled down at the U.S. military base in Japan to 24. … [The U.S. move] once again caused widespread concern among all related parties in the surrounding areas. 
In less than a year’s time, the U.S. transferred such a large group of "Ospreys" across the oceans. It is clearly not to make a sightseeing tour, but to come for “fishing.” Why does the U.S. come here for “fishing?” What are the "Osprey’s" claws seeking? 
Senior U.S. officials did not disguise in the slightest the strategic purpose of the "Osprey." … U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Carter has stated publicly that the "Osprey" is indispensable to fulfilling Obama’s new strategy in the Asia-Pacific region, strengthening the Japan-US alliance, and enhancing the ability of deterrence. A former official of the U.S. State Department said directly to Japanese media that an important objective in deploying the "Osprey" in Japan is a joint "defense" of the Diaoyu Islands with Japan. Kyodo News reported that the U.S. government stated that the "Osprey" will significantly improve the strength of the U.S. Marine Corps [in Japan] and help counter the increasingly active Chinese maritime activities. 
The U.S. "Osprey" comes in droves, and keeps hovering in the sky around our country. We should not only pay attention to the "Osprey," but also be alert to the fisherman behind the "Osprey." Only by keeping vigilant and maintaining a firm hold on the shotgun will we be able to protect the "fish" from being harmed by the "Osprey." 

Source: People’s Daily, September 27, 2013