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Xinhuanet’s Report on the Trial of Saddam Hussein

A look at how the trial of Saddam Hussein was reported on Xinhuanet.

Former Iraq President Saddam Formally Tried (first trial)

Saddam Entered into the Courtroom with Smile, Prayed for Peace and Scolded the Chief Judge

The hearing officially started at 10:27 am on November 28. Chief Judge Amin announced that the second trial for Saddam and other seven co-defendants had begun. This trial was still held within the heavily protected "Green Zone." Same as in the previous hearing, the broadcasting was delayed for 20 minutes although the trial was broadcast to the public. [detail report]

Former Iraq President Saddam Stood Trial Again

Fourty days after his first court appearance on October 19, 2005, former Iraq President Saddam appeared in the courtroom again for the second stage trial in the heavily guarded "Green Zone" in Baghdad. [detail report]

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Prosecutor’s Position

+ Saddam faces six charges
The six charges Saddam faces: Dujail massacre, Kuwait invasion, persecution against Marsh Arabs, the Kurds Massacre and ethnic cleansing, and political assassinations. If Saddam is convicted of those charges, the leader of former Iraqi regime will be sentenced to death.

Defendant’s Position

+ Saddam should have immunity from prosecution

Defendants believed that as head of state, Saddam should be immune from being prosecution and punishment and should be protected under sovereign immunity for the acts committed during his duty. "The Special Tribunal" was arranged and organized by the occupier. According to international law, the occupier has no right to change the legal system in the occupied territory.

Reactions from All Sides

Saddam states that he has been treated inhumanely during the second hearing; First witness provides videotaped testimony

Kidnappings and explosions accompany the trial of Saddam; Some Iraqis take Saddam’s trial as a "show"

Saddam trial resumes; Militias start bombing; Two Britons lose their lives.

Former Iraq Prime Minister rebukes the government: violating human rights like old Saddam

Saddam on second trial; Former U.S. attorney general comes to "protect Saddam"

Saddam’s attorneys requested for delay of the trial; Allawi says today’s situation is worse than before

Chief Prosecutor for the Dujail Village case: Saddam is unlikely to be executed immediately