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State Think Tank on Strategies for China’s Foreign Exchange Reserves

Zhang Ming, an official from China’s Academy of Social Sciences, suggested that China, as the largest creditor of the U.S. debt may be the key to stabilize the U.S. dollar’s exchange rate. 

Zhang said that, in the long term, the U.S. exchange rate rather than the U.S. Treasury yield is the determinant for China’s purchase of the U.S. Treasury debt, thus stabilizing the U.S. dollar’s exchange rate in the foreign exchange market. When the U.S. dollar’s exchange rate is under pressure to appreciate, China will buy additional U.S. Treasury bills to help depreciate the U.S. dollars. 
Zhang recommended that China should diversify its foreign reserves within its U.S. dollar assets, rather than changing into other currencies. Also China should buy credit default swaps or S&P Volatility Index (VIX) calls to hedge against the risk that the U.S. Government may default. China should also take action to reduce the growth of its foreign exchange reserves. 

Source: Financial Times (Chinese Edition), October 23, 2013