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Anti-America Documentary Silent Contest Portrays How the U.S. Infiltrates and Subverts China

The Chinese military’s National Defense University, the General Political Security and General Staff Departments, the Chinese Academy of Social Science, and the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations jointly created an anti-American propaganda documentary called, “Silent Contest.”  The movie was completed in June 2013, and widely circulated online for a brief period in October. Then starting on October 31, 2013, the Chinese mainstream media blocked it for reasons that are unclear. The movie asserts that the United States has used 5 methods to subvert China: 1) Political Infiltration, 2) Cultural infiltration, 3) Ideological infiltration, 4) Organizational infiltration, and 5) Political interference and social penetration.

According to the movie, the United States has been infiltrating and subverting China completely. The U.S. infiltration conspiracy is the cause of China’s complicated social conflicts, the CCP officials’ corruption, human rights protests, the spread of Christianity, and people’s advocatiing that China institute a constitutional government. The film also portrayed all the mainstream liberal intellectuals in society as political traitors, stating that these intellectuals who openly publish their opinions to oppose the CCP and betray the country are in the service of Western interests groups.

Source: Takungpao and NTDTV, November 5, 2013