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China’s Ultimate War Plan: For Taiwan, We Will Fight at Any Cost!

China seems willing to rick everything, including nuclear war, to "reunite" Taiwan.

Todayat the newspaper stand, a headline on QiaoBao (China Press)[1]caught my full attention: PLA Prepares for the Ultimate War.

Referringto Hong Kong based "Wenhui Bao", the "Qiao Bao" articlesays, "A Taiwanese affairs expert in Beijingquoted a statement given by Chinese Defense Minister, Cao Gangchuan, to CNNduring his visit to the U.S.last year (2003). He highlighted the strong resolve of the PLA (People’sLiberation Army) on the Taiwanissue. Mr. Cao Gangchuan said, "The PLA is ready to fight the Ultimate Waragainst Taiwan Independence forces."

Inorder to understand why the Communist mouthpiece newspaper used the word"Ultimate War", I searched for Cao Gangchuan’s original speech inGoogle.

Inover a dozen different websites in China and abroad, I found thefollowing original report on Cao Gangchuan’s statement.

"In UStime 5:25 on October 29, Cao Gangchuan answered CNN reporter’s question.

"CNNsenior reporter on Taiwan Affairs asked Cao: ‘Mr. General, we heard that Taiwan willsoon hold a national election. What’s the opinion of Chinese government and themilitary on this election? What action will be taken? Thanks. ‘

Cao: ‘Chinesegovernment has consistently insisted on peaceful resolution of Taiwanreunification issue. But in order to maintain our national unity, we do notrule out use of force. The Chinese government has the determination andcapability to resolve the Taiwanunification issue. To maintain national unity, the PLA is not afraid of war.Our determination can be summarized as. We would fight to death to keep Taiwan, wewould do it if it needs to turn the island into a place where not a singlegrass can grow.’

Currentlythe U.S.government has not published any comments on this." (posted on Chinese StudentWeb )

Internetreaders on several websites questioned the authenticity of the quotation. Theycan’t believe the Chinese Communists are indeed as cruel as snakes andscorpions. Do they really mean to turn Taiwan into a place where not asingle grass can grow?

Afterreading Qiao Bao today, I can believe that Cao Gangchuan indeed said thosewords. Therefore, the experts in Beijingindeed interpret this as the "Ultimate War."
CaoGangchuan’s high profile threat to start a large scale destructive war in frontof the Americans was not Communist China’s first act of aggression. It’s not anempty treat. It’s Communist China’s real war plan.

MaoZedong claimed during a 1957 Moscowconference that, "There is nothing to fear even if a nuclear war killsseveral hundred million people. That can only transform the entire world intosocialism."

In1992, during a meeting to cascade the Communist Party Polibureau decision, theCCP Military Committee Vice Chairman Yang Shangkun said, if the U.S. sent troops to oppose a Chinese invasion toTaiwan, the ChineseCommunist would start a "Destruction Strike" upon U.S. soil.

In 1996, the Chinesecommunist government staged a missile war game near the TaiwanStrait. Chinese leaders Li Peng, Qiao Shi and Xiong Guangkai,together with the Communist newspaper People’sDaily launched a verbal assault against the U.S. They swore that if the U.S. dares to defend Taiwan,the Chinese Communists will launch "nuclear strikes" against the U.S.

Becauseof this long-term plan, the Chinese Communists went all out to develop weaponsof mass destruction, including Shenzhou, a series of manned spaceships that hadclear military purposes. Also because of this plan, Mr. Cao Gangchuan, head of China’s weaponsof mass destruction industry, was promoted to be defense minister.



[1] Qiao Bao (also called China Press) isan overseas Chinese Newspaper echoing the voice of Chinese Government.