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Flushing NY Residents Form Committee to Remove Pro-Communist Lawmakers

Early July local Flushing NY residents launched a campaign to remove two lawmakers from office for conduct unbecoming lawmakers.  Since mid May, pro-Communist thugs repeatedly assaulted Falun Gong on the streets of Flushing, NY.  Ms. Ellen Young, a New York State Assemblywoman, and Mr. John Liu, a New York City Council Member, both American Chinese, offered through pro-Communist Chinese language newspapers and in person assistance to the pro-Communist thugs involved in the violence.  The two had previously rejecting meeting requests from their constituents who are victims of the violence, including a mother who has two sons currently serving in Iraq.

On July 4, 2008, a group of Flushing residents announced the launch of a committee to remove two lawmakers from office, Ms. Ellen Young, a New York State Assemblywoman, and Mr. John Liu, a New York City Council Member.  They believe the two are helping the pro-communist thugs, conduct unbecoming lawmakers.

The announcement stated that in the past several weeks, Falun Gong and its supporters have been taking blame and attacked by pro-communist thugs in Flushing.  First there were rumors saying Falun Gong does not help earthquake victims.  Then pro-Communist Chinese newspapers and TV programs changed Falun Gong’s “Heaven will destroy Chinese Communism” to “Heaven will destroy China,” thus inciting hate against Falun Gong and culminating in violence on Flushing streets.

Little by little, a pattern emerged.  All things seemed to be well organized and premeditated, tracing to Chinese Communist Party.  Twelve thugs are arrested by NYPD and the first has pleaded guilty in court on July 1.

As the Flushing community is gradually settling down, pro-Communist media (Qiaobao, Ming Pao and Tsingtao) reported at great length that Ms. Young and Mr. Liu met with perpetrators of the violence and offered assistance to their problems with law.  As reported in the pro-Communist media, the two lawmakers called these people “suffered damages.”  Earlier, the two repeated rejected meeting requests from Falun Gong practitioners who were victimized in the violence.

The announcement continued that local residents in Flushing believed that the conduct of the two lawmakers is unbecoming of elected officials, contravenes the integrity of our political system, and is increasingly harming the local community. For that reason, local Flushing residents got together and launched a campaign to remove the two lawmakers from their offices.

Ms. July Chen, a victim of the Flushing violence and death threats, said that when she went to seeking help from these two lawmakers, one wanted to drive her out of his office, and the other claimed unaware of any wrongdoing.   She continued that both originally came from Taiwan but they do not act like Americans, or Taiwanese.  She concluded that they act like Communist officials from Mainland China. “I saw Mr. Liu met with the two thugs in his office, the two who threatened my life, ‘I know you.  I will kill you one day.’”
Judy’s son John Caldwell, currently serving in Special Forces in Iraq said, “My mother is a very courageous person.  I could not understand who would incite hate on American soil. My fellow servicemen and commanders are very supportive of my mother.  I will track down anything or anyone who may harm her.  I will protect our country and my mother.”

Zhang Guowei, President of U.S. Alumni Association of Republic of China Central Military Academy, commented, “ I love America and I love China. But I do not love Communist Party.  I witnessed what happened in Flushing.  It was absolutely an organized operation.  Young and Liu showed up on the street the third day and asked people to leave. But these politicians are after money and votes. Like Communist Party. It raises you to be fat pigs.  Once you are fattened, you naturally want to stay by their side. When times come, you must show your loyalty to them.  Now is the time.  How could you not come out?” Zhang said that so they stepped out to help Communist Party.  “They are clear in their mind but their blood are black.  So I think we should impeach them, at least cool them down.  More importantly, we will let New Yorkers know that these two lawmakers do not have conscience nor morality.”

Another Flushing resident, Zhen Xin, told her experience to a Chinese newspaper.  On May 31, as a victim of the Flushing violence, she met with Scott, office director of Ellen Young’s office in Flushing and briefed him about the continuing violence.  Zheng made an urgent request for a meeting with Ms. Young due to the nature of the matter.  Scott indicated that several people had already contacted and provided materials to Young’s office for the matter.  Zheng was assured that he would be contacted once Ms. Young is briefed.  Five weeks passed with no word from Young’s office to Zheng’s request.

Zheng continued, “Neither Young nor her office contacted Falun Gong practitioners for information about what happened.  Then, on June 27, Ellen Young met with these thugs and issued statement saying her life was disturbed by Falun Gong rally in Flushing.  She even indicated that together with John Liu, she would limit rally permits for busy sections of Flushing.”

Qiao Pao, a pro-Communist Chinese language newspaper reported on June 28 that Young and Liu had reached understanding with the 109th Precinct that rally permits would no longer be issued for busy sections in Flushing.