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Xinhua Commentary: The U.S. China Relationship is Delicate and Sensitive

Xinhua published a commentary which stated that the U.S. China relationship has entered into a time frame that is both delicate and sensitive. On the one hand, the U.S. China economic relationship remains strong, but, on the other hand, the U.S. is still on guard and distrusts China. At the same time, occasional military conflicts have taken place between the two countries from time to time. The article cited three reasons for the complexity of the relationship between the U.S. and China. The first reason is that the base for the U.S. China relationship developed out of the confrontational relationship during the cold war and thus is weak. Secondly, the relationship between the two has involved broader aspects. The third reason is that the power between the two shows that the U.S. is getting weaker while China is getting stronger. The article ended by pointing out that, if both countries can handle the relationship well, it will mean not only that the U.S. China relationship is growing stable and mature, but also that it has a significant impact on the international situation and the world’s security environment.

Source: Xinhua, December 20, 2013