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Li Jie: U.S.’s New War Strategy of Air Sea Battle Is Looming toward China

Li Jie, the chief expert at the Marine Research Center of the Three Strategies Institute (a “non-governmental” military think-tank in Beijing) published a commentary article in which he discussed the U.S.’s new war strategy; the “Air Sea Battle” against China. 

The article said, “In recent years, the ‘Air Sea Battle’ has been kept in low-profile, but at the beginning of this year, the United States again started to talk highly about it. The U.S. military declared that it will increase funding to develop the ‘Air Sea Battle.’ The remark and new developments have revealed at least two pieces of information: First, since early 2009 when this concept was first introduced, the United States has never stopped for a moment doing research, demonstrating, testing, and perfecting the ‘Air Sea Battle.’ Now it has matured, and is becoming the core of military theory for the United States’ ‘return to Asia’ and ‘strategic rebalancing’ strategy. Second, in recent years, the United States has developed a large number of new weapons, which have come out one after another. Almost all of them were first deployed and applied at the forefront of East Asia and are continually undergoing experiments and being tested. This fully demonstrates that ‘Air Sea Battle’ is entering the ‘window of opportunity’ to be applied in real combat. 
The article warns that “[China] should make sure forever that it does not to forget that the U.S.’s ‘sword of Damocles’ — the ‘Air Sea Battle’ — is looming toward us.” 
Source: People’s Daily, January 15, 2014