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Huanqiu: American Hegemony’s Biggest Threat to China is the Americanization of China

On May 26, 2014, Huanqiu published a commentary titled “Issues of China’s ‘De-Americanization.’” According to the article, American hegemony’s biggest threat to China is the Americanization of China. The purpose of “‘De-Americanization’ is to get rid of American centrism.” The trilogy of "De-Americanization" is to “let China be China, let Asia be Asia, and let the world be the world.”

"Let China be China" refers to the point that the "China Dream could be a nightmare for Americans," if China cannot handle well the environmental challenges posed by economic development. However, "if China can successfully achieve that, China will create a new civilization of sustainable development for human beings. China will then become a country that can lead the world." "This is what Obama failed to realize."

"Let Asia be Asia" is in response the dilemma that "Asian countries rely on China economically and rely on the U.S. for security issues." "This is why the U.S. is ‘returning to Asia.’ Under the banner of the TPP, the U.S. expects that Asian countries will rely on the U.S. for both economic and security matters." As a solution, "China’s Communist Party Chair, Xi Jinping, proposed at the 4th CICA Summit in Shanghai that ‘Asian people should, ultimately, handle Asian issues and the Asian people should ultimately safeguard Asia’s security.’"

"Let the world be the world" is the effort of China to "make the West the West and reduce universal values back to Western values." To achieve this, China has been working with Russia, the SCO, ASEAN, and the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) to promote a "diversified world development model and democratic international relations." Specific efforts include "condemning Japan for challenging and undermining the post WWII international order," "internationalization of the Chinese currency," "the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road," and "the Silk Road Economic Belt."

Source: Huanqiu, May 26, 2014