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China Review News: The US’s Foreign Policy Acts As an Arsonist

On May 25, 2014, China Review News published a commentary titled “‘The United States’ Crooked Mouth Has Not Been Able to Sing a Harmonious Tune in Asia.”

According to the article, the US foreign policy acts as an “arsonist” in that it directs the United States to set fires everywhere.” The US government’s “Return to Asia-Pacific” policy is a “selfish policy covered with a noble slogan.” The real purpose of the “Return to the Asia-Pacific” is for the U.S. to “consolidate its own hegemony in the increasingly prosperous Asia-Pacific region.” What the U.S. has been doing is “forming cliques and stirring up disagreements,” such as cooperating with Japan and the Philippines to curb a 3rd country (China).

Source: China Review News, May 25, 2014