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Xinhua: Uncovering the Painted Skin of the American Surveillance Empire

Xinhua published a commentary calling America the “surveillance empire” and asked the world to unite against the United States. Below are excerpts from the article: 

“On the surface, Americans are singing about how the major powers are establishing new relations with China. Privately, the United States regards China as a rival, leaving no stone unturned in delaying the pace of China’s rise, even though the "most dirty tricks" of surveillance mean having to deal with China.” 
“The U.S. abuses its technological advantages to monitor [China], ignoring basic international morals. It goes far beyond the needs of "anti-terrorism" and exhibits an ugly face that is selfish and completely without justice. Its actions have lost the support of the world’s people. This behavior is a flagrant violation of international law, is a serious violation of human rights, and threatens global network security.” 
“The United States has the world’s leading information technology, but that does not mean that America can do whatever it wants. America’s unbridled surveillance exposed everywhere its hegemonic mentality and its acts in cyber space, ultimately hurting the entire world.” 
“From the public point of view, all the inhabitants of the global village, as long as they can make a call, can get onto the Internet, or can play games, fall within the monitoring of American intelligence agencies. Obviously, this is not the world that the villagers in the global village want in the era of globalization. It goes against the mainstream values of human civilization.” 
“From the perspective of international relations, the democratization of international relations is the trend of the times. The American ‘surveillance empire,’ however, goes against the tide. It is increasingly becoming a ‘gigantic monster’ threatening human development and the global order. It has sounded a warning alarm to the world.” 
“Therefore, the world should unite and not let the Americans act recklessly; do not be the Americans’ accomplice; do not let them play the gangster at will. How to put the American ‘surveillance empire’ into a cage is currently an urgent issue that the international community needs to consider and solve.” 
Source: Xinhua, May 26, 2014