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Chinese Military Experts Say U.S. reports on China’s Military Developments Show U.S. Anxiety

On June 6, the U.S. Department of Defense released the "2014 Annual Report on Military and Security Developments Involving China." Chinese military experts commented that the report continued the "China threat theory" platitudes and the "Cold War" mentality from previous years. It reflected the United States’ two-pronged strategy of both "contacting" and "guarding against" China; it was filled with "anxiety" about China’s development of its military defenses. 

Zhao Weibin, Colonel from the Research Center of Sino-U.S. Defense Relations at the Academy of Military Sciences, said that the report reflected the United States’ suspicions about China’s strengthening of its defense forces. The U.S. will also use that as an excuse for its own development of information warfare, cyber warfare, and space warfare. 
Zhao said, "As the development of China’s armed forces becomes more diversified, the United States will go from ‘concern’ and ‘worry’ to a state of ‘anxiety’ about China’s military modernization. Through the publication of the report on Chinese military power, the United States aims to damage China’s international image and even demonize China so as to enhance the international community’s concerns and fears about China. The intention to suppress and contain China as part of its global strategy is very clear.” 
Major General Peng Guangqian, Deputy Secretary of the National Security Policy Committee of the China Association of Policy Science, said that the more irresponsible the remarks the United States makes about China’s national defense, the more China should stay calm, quietly pursue peaceful development, and adhere to a defensive national defense policy. "After all, the U.S. provocations will never have a significant effect." 

Source: People’s Daily, June 9, 2014