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Qiushi: We Have Taken the U.S. Too Seriously

On June 25, 2014, Qiushi published an article questioning whether China has taken the U.S. too seriously. The article noted two features in China’s study of the United States. One is that China believes that the Sino-U.S. relationship is the core of China’s diplomacy; if China does a good job in that regard, everything else will be settled. Two, Chinese researchers want to believe from their heart in the U.S. point of view and think many of the U.S. views are reasonable and justified. The U.S. voice has significantly influenced some Chinese researchers. 

The author of the article stated, “I think, on the South China Sea dispute, we have taken the U.S. factor too seriously. The truth is that the United States is in relative decline, which is reflected in what the U.S. has been saying and doing in the past few years.” For example, during the recent Shangri-La Dialogue, Hagel was very tough in his remarks. “I think that is a sign of U.S. weakness.” Also, the United States is in the process of a global contraction. Although the United States announced its return to Asia, what it has done in Asia has no practical effect. “The U.S. says there will be more military deployment in the Asia-Pacific, but we only see more military contacts, some so-called military cooperation, and military exchanges. In particular in maritime disputes, such as maritime disputes in the South China Sea, the U.S did not take any real action.” 

Source: Qiushi, June 25, 2014