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People’s Daily: American Media Call for Tit for Tat against Chinese Antitrust Investigations

People’s Daily recently published a commentary dismissing the points that angry American media have been making about a series of antitrust investigations against American companies in China. In the past several months, high profile American companies (among other foreign companies) have been subject to Chinese antitrust investigations. Examples are Microsoft, Qualcomm, Accenture, General Motors and General Electric. Many Western media companies, especially some of the American media companies such as Fortune, have called for “Tit for Tat” retaliatory actions. The commentary said these “suggestions” are “very ignorant” and that they “put the spirit of the free market to shame.” The author expressed the belief that the voices aired by companies like Fortune are “too stupid to realize” that Western companies have been enjoying special treatment in China for too long. 
Source: People’s Daily, August 15, 2014