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China May Limit Imports of U.S. Sorghum

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that China is tightening up inspections of U.S. sorghum cargo ships. Very likely Chinese customs plans to limit imports of U.S. sorghum. Last month the Chinese quarantine agency asked Chinese local authorities to increase the inspection level of imported sorghum for pesticide residues, heavy metals, and other toxic substances. Not long ago, China refused the entry of over one million tons of U.S. sorghum. Since the Chinese government started protecting domestic corn farmers, corn prices in China have been on the rise. Sorghum is quickly becoming a less-costly replacement for fodder. Market experts have already decreased the estimate of the level of annual sorghum imports by half. The spokesperson for the National Bureau of Inspection and Quarantine declined to comment on this matter.
Source: Sina, August 21, 2014