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Chinese General Criticizes U.S. Containment of China

In an article in China’s People’s Daily, Qiao Liang (乔良), a professor at China’s National Defense University, a Major General in the People’s Liberation Army, and also the co-author of the book Unrestricted Warfare, criticized the U.S. for containing China via proxies.
Qiao stated, "Today, the U.S. strategists, through the hands of Japanese right-wingers and via the Diaoyu Islands dispute, have successfully blocked the process of the China–Japan–South Korea Free Trade Agreement negotiations and the process of the China-Japan currency swap. China’s periphery geopolitical environment is becoming complicated and grim."
"Now, we must understand the increasingly fierce global competition for resources, the U.S. eastward shift of its strategic center of gravity, and its strategy of ‘re-balancing to Asia’. Against such a backdrop, the Sino-Japanese dispute over the Diaoyu Islands, the Sino-Philippines dispute over Huangyan Island (Scarborough Shoal) and Renai Shoal (Second Thomas Shoal), and the Sino-Vietnamese dispute over China’s maritime rights and interests are not only bilateral competition over territories and maritime rights, but part of the greater game in the U.S.’ attempt to ‘contain China by proxy,’ to block China’s development, and to defend American hegemony."
"What is the real purpose of launching the strategy of ‘rebalancing to Asia’? There is only one answer: to disarm China’s potential challenge and threat to American hegemony."
"So, how will the U.S. achieve this? Ever since the financial crisis, we have seen that the U.S. has resorted to every conceivable means. Its methods include the following: pressure on RMB appreciation, anti-dumping investigations of Chinese products, higher tariff barriers, road blocks to Chinese acquisitions of foreign access to resources and buying of overseas companies, and excluding China from the TPP."
Source: People’s Daily, September 4, 2014