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Study Times: China’s External Relations

On September 15, Study Times reported a few highlights of a recent Communist Party conference on its external relations with other countries. 

The overall assessment of the international environment was that the strength of China’s rise necessitated that other countries engage in strategic re-balancing. China itself also faces re-balancing between domestic and external strategies and between its economic development and its national security strategy. 
The U.S. re-balancing is not balanced. First, the use of economic means and the use of military forces are not balanced. Second, the handling of the relationships between the Asian Pacific countries is not balanced. For example, the U.S. clearly favors Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. China should maintain its strategic confidence and face the reality of the U.S. presence in Asia. “China should not have wishful thinking about driving the U.S. out of Asia. The U.S. cannot expect to contain China either." 
Source: Study Times, September 15, 2014