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Xinhua Commentary: [U.S.] Should Not Use a Double Standard to Combat Terrorism

Xinhua published a commentary article on the United States’ effort to combat the cross-border extremist terrorist organization "Islamic State" through establishing an anti-terror coalition with 40 countries participating. 

The article said, “There are inherent vulnerabilities in the anti-terrorist coalition that the United States advocates. The purpose and motivation behind it is also suspicious. This is bound to have a serious effect on the future joint efforts of the international community in the fight against terrorism. 
The article indicated that the U.S. is applying a double standard in combating terrorist extremist organizations. It said, “The United States claims to be seeking to set up a broad international coalition to fight against the ‘Islamic State.’ However, when choosing allies, the United States is partial to the ones it likes, allowing the ones that are in line with U.S. interests to join the coalition. If they are not, they will be excluded.” The article expressed its opinion by quoting the statement that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made at the international conference on Iraq on September 15, "[We] cannot accept using double standards on the issue of combating terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria." 

The article further commented, “Counter-terrorism should not be used as a political tool to serve one’s national interests and ideology. It cannot be allowed to become a cheap excuse to interfere with the internal affairs of other countries.” 

Source: Xinhua, September 16, 2014