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Huanqiu: U.S. Accuses Chinese Military of Hacking U.S. Military Contractors

Huanqiu (Global Times), a publication under the auspices of People’s Daily, published an article refuting a U.S. Senate report released on September 17. The report alleged that, 20 times within a period of one year, hackers associated with the Chinese military infiltrated the computer systems of the U.S. military’s private contractors for transportation services. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that Chinese law prohibits hackers from conducting any destructive attacks. China urges the United States to stop its irresponsible attacks and accusations against China, stop its acts of large-scale, systematic network attacks against other countries, and do things that are helpful to maintaining peace and security in cyberspace. 

Chinese military expert Li Jie told the reporter from Huanqiu that, in the current situation, the United States’ pace of returning to Asia is very slow. There is nothing much it can do right now. The reason that it frequently accuses China of hacking is to find an excuse to promote its agenda of advancing to the Asia-Pacific, to generate public opinion within the United States and the world to enable it to improve its defense capabilities, and to deploy a large number of weapons in China’s frontier regions. Li Jie believes that this is even a smoking gun of the United States to prepare for the next step, which is to attack China’s network. Emphasizing that Chinese military hackers are conducting such an invasion further revealed the U.S. intention of guarding against China’s military. 
Source: Huanqiu, September 19, 2014