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People’s Daily: The U.S. Must Adapt to The New Norm in International Relations

People’s Daily recently published an article discussing the position the United States should take in the new world order. The author started by suggesting that the United States does not like to hear people say the U.S. is suffering a decline in power. President Obama has already repeated numerous times that the United States is the only super power and will continue to lead the world for another century. However, the article expressed the belief that U.S. power, at least “relatively,” has declined. Although it has largely maintained the global allied structure, the U.S. has shown weaknesses when defending its power on too many fronts across the world. President Obama’s strategies have not worked out domestically in the partisan fights. They have not worked out in the Asia-Pacific with regard to “rebalancing.” They have not worked out in Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. With China, the U.S. did not handle things well either, such as with the classic “Taiwan issue.” The author concluded that the world order has changed in the new century and the U.S. needs to learn to be an “equal player” that must adapt to “The New Norm.”
Source: People’s Daily, October 18, 2014