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Xinhua: How Many More Dirty Tricks Does the U.S. Have to Manipulate International Public Opinion?

After the former editor of the German "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung," Ulf Cote, was interviewed on Russia Today, China’s state media Xinhua published a commentary to further “disclose” how the U.S. controls public opinion using “dirty tricks.” The article quoted Ulf Cote’s statement in the interview that, in the past, the CIA had actually published many articles under his name, although the CIA and other intelligence agencies in the U.S. had actually written them. Their purpose was to guide international public opinion to support the United States.” 

The article commented, “If Snowden had blown the whistle on the ‘prism gate’ scandal involving information gathering and monitoring of the United States, then Ulf Cote had disclosed the ‘black hand’ of the U.S. behind the manipulation of international public opinion.” 
The article further said, “The United States has powerful economic and technological strength, and has established a media ‘empire’ on the basis of such power, extending its reach to every corner of the world. With all this power, the U.S. government has built up strong discourse rights to control the international voice. What’s more, the United States has also developed a detailed strategy for external communication and a complex propaganda system. The government and NGOs work co-operatively, using both public and secret operations, for the purpose of shaping international public opinion in order to serve U.S. strategic interests.” 
 “From the various practices that the United States uses to ‘guide’ international public opinion, we can see that the United States would like to show the world that its foreign policies and actions are politically ‘correct,’ morally ‘noble,’ legally ‘defensible,’ and of the ‘mainstream’ in public opinion. To this end, the United States not only makes full use of various ‘open tricks,’ but also uses a variety of ‘dirty tricks.’ What Ulf Cote has disclosed about how the United States manipulates international opinion is probably only the ‘tip of the iceberg.’” 
Source: Xinhua, October 21, 2014