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Xinhua: Chinese Students Studying in the United States Are More Confident in China’s System

China’s state-run media published a report to praise the Chinese [Communist] system by quoting a Japanese media Diamond Weekly’s article, “The Reason for the Increase in the Patriotism of the Chinese Students Studying in the United States.” Below are excerpts translated from the Chinese report. 

“Twenty years ago, Chinese students in the United States were obsessive about the system and values of the United States, including its liberalism, but now times have changed. More recently, with China’s economic development over the years, Chinese students are becoming more confident in China’s national system and development model.” 
“Overall, the Chinese students in the United States approve of the freedom, democracy, and the rule of law in the Unites States, as well as the promotion of academic freedom and freedom of speech on the university campuses. Surprisingly, though, no one suggested that China should be like the United States and pursue freedom and democracy. At least they think that the current system is the most suitable [system] for China’s national situation and the most beneficial model for China’s development; adhering to the Communist Party governing system is the basis for China’s numerous endeavors.” 
“In recent times, more and more Chinese returning to China from the United States have expressed stronger ‘patriotism’ [toward China].” 

Source: Xinhua, February 25, 2015