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BBC Chinese: U.S. Students No Longer Enthusiastic about China

BBC Chinese recently reported that fewer and fewer U.S. students are planning to advance their education in China. According to the University of California’s overseas education program, the number of the students planning to go to China for their studies is less than half of what it was four years ago. Several other similar organizations also see the same trend. Analysts said that one of the major concerns that the U.S. students have is the severe environmental pollution in China. Another key concern is that job opportunities in China are on the decline. More and more international companies are hiring the locals who received their education in the U.S. Many international education organizations have found that most of the students who still visit China have plans for only a short-term stay. Their purpose is largely for tourism instead of serious educational goals. Fewer and fewer U.S. students are interested in learning Chinese. 
Source: BBC Chinese, March 12, 2015