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Qiushi: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Redefines How the International System Changes

Qiushi, published a commentary article on the impact of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) that China is heading up. The writer was YANG Guangbin, a Professor of Politics at Renmin University of China and Executive Dean of the National Institutes of Management. 

The article said, “Other than the fact that the AIIB marks a new milestone in international relations …, it has more far-reaching political significance in the world. That is, it rewrites the way that the international system goes through transformation.” 

“In recent history, the formation and change of the international system has always been a recombination following the total destruction of the previous order. That has been typical of system alteration. The international systems after the reorganization have always been the ones of Western-centrism.” 
“The AIIB rewrites the way that the international system changes. First, the AIIB that China leads is a new force born within the established international order. China’s rise and the role it plays are completely different from those ways familiar to Westerners. Although it is a forced product resulting from the pressure of the U.S., it is also a result of the conditions that were ripe for the formation. Second, it is the first Asian-dominated international system change. Now the theory of international relations should be corrected. Almost all popular theories of international relations are based on the history of Western international relations. It is a discourse system of Western centrism. This time, the little brothers of the "Group of Seven" have squeezed into the AIIB’s founding members one after another. Such an action of rewriting history will also rewrite the theory of international relations. Third, the AIIB has no Ideological boundaries. Fourth, the change is a gradual one.” 

Source: Qiushi, April 3, 2015