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People’s Daily Opinion Article: Why the West Keeps Misinterpreting China

People’s Daily carried an opinion article about why the West, headed by the United States, keeps misinterpreting China. The article mentioned that the China Collapse theory has recently surfaced. The theory is not new, as all kinds of theories about China have been expressed. The article then focused on analyzing why the West keeps misinterpreting China. It mentioned three reasons.

The first is the orientation of Western research. The article stated that the U.S., as the base for the worldwide study of China, places the main focus of its research on China studies on China’s negative side, including rights movements; human and ethnic rights; conflicts in Xinjiang, Tibet, and Taiwan; mass protests; and social conflicts. The article claimed that the U.S. does so because (these issues) make it easier for scholars to apply for research funding. Therefore China studies in the U.S. often lack a certain independence. At the same time, the media also portray China in a way that is not accurate.

The second is that the West has a cold war mentality. The article stated that China studies in the U.S. have not gone beyond the cold war mentality. The research topics are chosen in order to identify and create internal conflicts in other countries. This then enables the U.S. to find an excuse to interfere.

The third is an inability to predict future development. The article said that there have been many incorrect predictions about China. The U.S. applies its own standard to judge and lead China, which has resulted in its being both disappointed and frustrated.

Source: People’s Daily, April 29, 2015