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People’s Daily: China Responded to Pentagon’s Annual Report on China’s Military

On May 9, People’s Daily reported that the Chinese Ministry of Defense responded to the newly released Secretary of Defense report to the U.S. Congress on "Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2015." Geng Yansheng, the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Defense, told the media that the 2015 U.S. report completely ignored the facts and simply repeated the long outdated theory of the “Chinese military threat.” The United States made “groundless accusations” against the Chinese military’s strategic planning, the development of its military branches, space development, Internet warfare, military transparency, and the Taiwan issue. The United States Report especially ignored the positive contributions China has made to maintain regional stability and to improve the relationship between the U.S. military and the Chinese military. China is firmly against this report. Geng also suggested that the United States has been publishing the Report for several years, which has significantly damaged the mutual trust. He asked the U.S. Department of Defense to take immediate steps to stop its negative activities. He also said that China reserves the right to have further reactions. 
Source: People’s Daily, May 10, 2015