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Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Urged the U.S. Not to Complicate the Situation

Yahoo Hong Kong recently reported that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked the United States not to further complicate the situation in the South China Sea. On May 20, the United States sent a reconnaissance aircraft, the US P-8A Poseidon to monitor the Chinese land reclamation activities around three islands. The Chinese military warned the U.S. airplane eight times to leave immediately to avoid a conflict. The U.S. military responded that the aircraft was flying in international territory. The spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs asserted that China has inarguable sovereignty over the land and sea in that area. He urged the United States not to worsen the situation, which could lead to unexpected conflicts. The CNN reporter who flew with the U.S. aircraft taped the trip and released the video to the general public. The video showed that an air traffic control tower, an early warning radar system, and military camps had been constructed. 
Source: Yahoo Hong Kong, May 21, 2015